Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big Event 2010!

So today I participated in the "Big Event". It is a massive community service day where about 1700 college students go around Auburn and do different types of community service. So before I finish the story, theres something you should know about me...something always goes horribly wrong! Back to the story, we are in a team of 9 girls from my dorm (Owen Hall woo woo). We have to be outisde around 9 and of course it is raining. Community service in the rain=Ballard will probably get sick. BUT, something magically goes right and we get assigned to go to Loachapoka Elementary School. Praise Jesus we will be indoor painting! We were so excited and it seemed as if everything was going just right (the sun even came out! what a blessing!). So we get in the car, crank up the jams (Justin Bieber if I remember correctly), and head off to the school. We are on our way but as we start getting further and further away from campus (and Auburn), we start wondering where on Earth the directions are taking us. We keep following the directions along with a few other cars full of girls until we end up at our final destination! A COW PASTURE!!! We come to the conclusion that we are at the wrong place and ask a nice worker man for some help. We finally get on the right track and arrive at the school about 30 minutes late. We then proceed to paint every single baseboard in the school until we get the final chore to "sweep out a shed". If we would have known their definition of sweep we would have ran away! Apparently to them Sweeping out a shed=organizing a crap shack. Luckily, with about fifteen pairs of hands, we got it done in no time and we were off to lunch and then back to the room to blog! So thats my day so far! As much fun as Big Event was, I am so glad that we had the funny adventure to help make the day super memorable!

P.S. If you live in the Opelika area, I will be in the paper sometime soon! I was interviewed for the paper! Basically I have reached my celebrity status among the Auburn/Opelika community! Yay me!

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